S2: EP8 Easter Eggs

Claire and Angela figure out why we praise a bunny and hide eggs on the day of Jesus' death. And then Angela gets way too into the breakdown of lunar and solar calendars. Also covered: traditions in other countries like making a giant omelette with 4500 eggs. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE WHOLE THING! 


Yo Yo Yo. Claire and Angela discuss one of the biggest downfalls of one of the biggest companies in America and how it... WENT DOWN! (pun intended). Impress your friends by knowing all the ooey gooey details of this ridiculous moment in our history. Or impress that little honey at the bar. Quick pick-up line: "Ever heard of Enron?" GETS THEM EVERY TIME! 


Angela's favorite place in the whole wide world: Disneyland. It's more than the experience of it, but more for the perfection and consistent strive for innovation and perfection. BONUS: Claire went to Disneyland for the first time last week and her version of a couple of the rides is.... very interesting. OK ENOUGH! TUNE IN ALREADY, JESUS! 


Have you ever heard of toxic mold? Do you even understand how bad it is for your body! Do you even know how easily you can be breathing it in RIGHT.NOW! Ok let us break that shit down for you. Claire and Angela discuss friends who have been so affected they have to move out of their homes! Fear not, our furry friends. We also give you the lowdown on how to detect and get rid of mold around you. GIVE IT A LISTEN THEN YEH! (said in claire's australian accent)

S1: EP 11 HP Lovecraft etc

Who the fuck cares about this guy? Well, let me tell ya, sister. If you've ever liked a little movie franchise called Alien or heard of a littler band called Metallica, then you might want to give this eppy a listen! HP Lovecraft greatly influenced what scares the shit out of you to this day. And we do our best to explain the "indescribability" of that horror.